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Having been "stuck" in a workplace, where there are, more often than not, nothing to do and a dwindling desire to stay at this workplace, I had decided to look into Drupal. Drupal is a relatively famous, module-based and fairly advanced CMS and I wanted to use it to make the "next generation" community site for Havoc, a small community from a guild in World of Warcraft.

I honestly can't remember why I chose Drupal, but I knew I wanted it to be a stepping stone to learn some HTML, CSS and PHP. While I had an extensive knowledge on the first 2, I've never really been able to "click" with programming/scripting. I feel I am unable to write it but can read and, in some languages, rewrite it for my own purposes. I still feel that I can't really write it from the scratch, but I've certainly gained a deeper understanding from the year long dive into Drupal. Having fiddled with it, I realized just how damn powerful this could be for any website that want to be functional and flexible rather than just be a pretty portfolio or blog. The more I dug down into it, the more amazed I was by it's modular structure and I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with it.

It wasn't until my stepdad told me that he might have someone, who is very interested in having a new website made, that an idea hatched in my brain; I could do this as a job. I am still what you can consider an amateur, "but where there is a will, there is a way". Unphased about just how huge the new "client" was, I set to provide them with just what they want, which have been a bit of a challenge. I am about 3000 km away from them and only have my stepdad as contact with them. I am well on my way and I am enjoying every bit of the way, despite the difficulties. Everything is a learning process, which just makes it even more interesting and fun. The more I explore, the more paths open up and even more opportunities for site configuration and features dawn on me. It's fun!

An idea grew on me, sparked by friends: I want to be independent. I knew that it would take some time before I found a job I enjoy, especially with today's economy and an IT industry that wants everyone to have 3+ years of experience for an entry level position. I knew that there was a market back home. My stepdad said that he has constant offers of doing various favours for money, such as fix computers, prepare them and what have you. He's a busy man and told me that he would just tell them to contact me, once I get home. Friends also started contacting me regarding making websites for them or someone they know and it suddenly dawned on me; I just might have a market. It felt like a no brainer.

It scared me at first, but also felt liberating. The fear of no constant income was, quite frankly, a bit daunting. Thankfully, however, we actually have a welfare system that makes sure you can bounce back if everything fails. I was also told that I can actually be independent while applying for jobs, which means I can get paid by the union, while searching and working with my company. I won't tire you with the politics of it, since it will most likely change a few times over the next few years, but it means I have a very last failsafe, so I won't dig myself too far down a hole.

I have the right criterias for doing this and I have the know-how, the ability, the market (apparently) and I believe this will be a trip worth taking. I will be educating myself, which can be used in the future, through jobs I know I love doing.

Say welcome to TrillIT. 🙂

I have some things I want to do as a "company", that I think is sorely lacking from others:

Transparency. I want my prices and my methods to be as transparent as possible. I am tired of all those people trying to sell you the wrong item, just so they can get a bigger bonus or ludicrious support prices. I am one person, I only have one mouth to feed so as long as I can break even, I am quite happy. Fuck, if there is enough work, I might even become a badass boss. Who knows.

Brutal honesty. This is one that has been rough for me in other companies, because you are constantly told to make a "pretty" truth, to cover the company's ass. In my sales techniques, I've never made use of this and I've always received praise for it from costumers. If a customer wants to buy an expensive product, they deserve to know the pros and cons of it before deciding. Selling more or selling specific products to earn more should not be on the agenda at all. Just happy customers who've been told it how it is and received what they were told. This will also be apparent in anything I will take in for repairs or offer support on.

Reliability and flexibility. As a one man company with "no home", I'd want to be constantly available so the customer and I won't be further away than a phonecall. I'd also want my "opening hours" to be outside of normal work hours, so they can pick up or come by when they're actually off of work instead of afterwords. As a nightperson, this suites me very well and also means I can offer that extra edge of support. I only also have myself to answer to and I put a high standard on anything I do or offer.

As you can see, I've had plenty of time to think this all through.

Next step: Coming home.

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Yet Another Adventure – Advice on Engine

YAA is still going strong in my head and I want it to become reality at some point. I am, however, having issues settling on an engine. At first I wanted it to be NWN 2, but I don't really like the way they did the HUD and certain things in that game. Then I thought about Dragon Age, but the gameplay in that is utterly disgusting, if simple. It would leave a lot of room for optimizing the story instead of making sure there are a variation depending on classes, alignment - but the gameplay.. it just makes me shudder.

So, any of you guys got a decent idea for a game/engine where I don't have to make a lot of content (i.e. models) and is fairly up to date?

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