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A Yet Another Adventure Story: The Story of Allyssa

"Where the fuck is it?" Allyssa rummaged through her travelling chest, tossing clothes in every direction and finally found what she was looking for and carefully pulled it up. A leather wrapped package appeared, tied together with silk straps, which she laid carefully next to her. She opened it up and rolled it out on the floor. 3 daggers emerged, shining in the dim candlelight. She put them aside and kept rolling the leather until sword appeared. So much for her promise to her sister, Ally, she thought. She would only be allowed to go to the wedding if she had “resented” her ways and finally retired from “murdering people”, as Ally called it. She was, however, quite talented at killing bad guys and only grudgingly did it after Ally said she could get her a job at her temple as a personal trainer. She put the sword aside, pushed the leather away and grabbed a leather belt and a hilt from the chest. She put the hilt on the belt, strapped it around her, tightening and tugged on it to see if it would stay on her dress. It did and she cursed her small hips. She ripped off her dress, a dress her sister have given to her. She knew it was cheap so she did not think twice about it as she stepped out of it. Small undergarments would have to suffice for now. Allyssa could already hear Ally’s screams at her indecent exposure and she smiled a bit. She did enjoy riling her up by challenging her boundaries. She put the hilt back on and tightened it hard. She let it hang awry so it would not slide off and she suddenly realized she had gotten fat from living a normal life with little reason to keep fit. As an old mercenary, she rarely had to fear for her life from assassins, despite being in many historical battles. She just followed orders and no one could hold that against her. She was an assassin herself, the jobs was mostly to infiltrate the enemy’s line and kill key captains and leaders. She was good. Too good, some said. She worked on a contract to contract basis so her loyalties only lied with herself and the contract at hand and they knew it, yet she was never thought of as a liability since she never did much on her own. No personal agendas, it was just all about the gold. She tugged the 3 daggers into smaller hilts on the belt as well as the sword. As she sheathed the sword, a blueish tint appeared on it, illuminating the room, an annoyance from magic items Allyssa thought. She kicked off her uncomfortable shoes, let her long, brown hair down and went to the door, slowly opening it. "Fuck, why did it have to come to this" she muttered to herself and slid out into the corridor.

Her sister's wedding had abruptly been stopped by a pack of drunken soldiers, looking for a fuck, some free booze and some violence. They had heard the doorman trying to tell them that the inn is not open for the public, but they knocked him out against what sounded like the door, smashed it in and quickly sealed every exit in the small inn, which was by the main door and by the bar. Allyssa muttered prayers to every deity she could remember, to protect her sister. She did not actively worship a deity, despite how devout Ally is and how much she have tried to force it on her. Allyssa simply thought that the world was too fucked up to believe that prayers had any impact on the world. She silently ran to the end of the corridor, which came to a turn with a staircase leading downstairs to the main room of the inn. Other than that, the inn only had a backroom behind the bar and 4 rooms upstairs. As she came out on the landing, still hiding in the shadows, she looked out. She heard prayers and sobbing from the guests, most of them were sitting in the chairs, too scared to move, some were on the floor, hiding under their chairs and some were standing, staring uneasily at the soldiers and moving away whenever they came closer, much to their entertainment. They were walking in between all of the guests, while drinking heavily from bottles they must have acquired from the bar. "You can't do this! This is a private cerem--" A soldier, who seemed like the captain of the platoon, stepped up on the stage Ally was standing on and took out his sword “I can do what the hell I want to, girl” he said with a frightening calm while pointing the sword at her. Allyssa could not see Ally’s husband to-be and knowing him, he is probably hiding in the backroom or he ran away. “You won’t get away with this!” she proclaimed, her voice shaking. The soldiers erupted in laughter and every guest whimpered from the sudden loud noise.. “Who is going to stop us?” he said, even calmer, with a smile. “No one have stopped us yet and this is, what, the thirteenth time we’ve taken care of a private ceremony? Don’t deny us our booze and we won’t get angry” Allyssa scanned the room quickly from the top of the stairs, covered in darkness, looking for the best entry point into the inevitable fight. Ally got balls, she thought.

There were several lines of chairs in front of the stage and to the right, obscured from her view, they've piled up the tables. 2 soldiers kept an eye on them, while they made sure that no one had any fight in them by scaring them or kicking them around. 2 were guarding the entrance to her right, where the doorman was knocked out. So, 5 soldiers with the leader. They were wearing clunky chain mail over a leather armor and most of them were using a longsword except one who was carrying a longbow over their shoulder with a smaller sword as a side arm. She was not sure why they were so armed, especially if it was a happy night out for them, most likely because they enjoy doing this.

"Anyone spot the crying girl?". It was the leader speaking as he grabbed a random bottle from the bar next to him and took a quick swig. "Naw, she's probably hidin' in 'er room, boss" the one by the door had said, moving closer to the stairs. "Want me to git her?". The leader laughed loud and shrugged. "She's probably pissing herself to death up there. Let her be, she can’t do anything to help these poor bastards till we’re done having fun, right boys?". He was met with a loud cheer and laughing. He finished the bottle in one big swig and burped loudly. "Help yourself, boys. These guys have lost all their fight. Just don't hurt any women" he grinned as he took a look at Ally. “I know I will have fun” he muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear. Allyssa looked around feverishly, hoping for an opening to initiate the fight. She had to go by surprise. Everyone had their weapon sheathed. The 2 soldiers guarding the guests were moving around, sipping their bottles and trying to figure out who to fuck. None of the guests made any suggestions to run. "I did like the look of that weepin' girl, think I'll go find her.." one of them by the door muttered to his side companion and moved towards the staircase.

Shit, fuck! Allyssa thought and looked behind her. A doorway to her right was hidden in complete darkness and she figured it would be the best place to hide. She was not sure she would be completely covered but the soldier seemed too drunk, stupid or both to notice anything. "Here, kitty kitty kitty" he slurred as he came up on the landing and looked down the corridor. She followed his eyes and suddenly noticed that she had forgotten to close the door. Perfect. He went directly for it, "I just wanna talk to ye", he chuckled, moving unsteadily down the corridor while unbuckling his belt. Kill or silence, kill or silence, kill or silence. Allyssa moved into a position to strike for when he came into range. She instinctively put a hand over his mouth and pulled him onto the sword, impaling him on the sword, just below the chainmail. She knew that she had to point very upwards to kill him quickly and quickly regretted not just going for the throat, it would be very messy. She could feel his blood prickling down on her thigh and leg. He gargled and shook violently, kicking his legs into the wooden floorboards. "Shhh" she hussed to him and he slowly went limp, he was a heavy one but nothing she could not handle. She pulled the sword out and hoped they had not heard the kicking downstairs. She waited a few moments before sneaking back out onto the landing. "Are you alright, up there, Aggers?" the leader yelled, he had obviously heard him kicking but his attention was elsewhere or at least he was faced away from the stairs from what Allyssa could see. She noticed the sword had begun illuminating again and sheathed it as silently as possible, while she took a dagger from her hilt. The guy by the door was looking up towards the stairs, while the rest were in the middle of the floor. They looked like they had found what they were looking for and slowly tried to catch it. She noticed a merchant, a fat guy Allyssa had met before, jump on his legs to stand in between the soldier and what must have been his girlfriend or wife. The girl was not more than 20 years old and beautiful in a natural way. She thought she might be elvish but was not sure since her hair was hanging over her ears and she never was good at spotting other differences. "Hurt me, just not her!" she heard him stutter while standing in front of the lady, who was silently sobbing. "He got balls" Allyssa muttered to herself "I like balls" she smiled at her own self realization. I do like balls.

She sent the dagger flying towards the soldier at the door. She knew there was only 4 left, 3 after him. She looked towards it as she jumped on to the railing, jumped up and caught a roof beam, swinging away from it and landed with a roll on the floor. A satisfying gurgle came from the guard as she got on her legs and ran towards the soldier nearest to her who was still trying to catch a girl who always tried to keep at least 2 rows of chairs in between them. He had noticed her and had started to turn towards her. In a smooth movement, she withdrew the sword from the hilt and held it behind her to get as much force as possible on it. She slide kicked into him, gtackled him and twisted so he fell. With a fluid motion, she brought around the sword and jabbed down hard. The sword penetrated the chain mail and struck right at his heart, a precision Allyssa have always been proud of. She managed to the sword out of him, to parry the sword coming right at her. She kicked the body off her feet and came up before the other soldier managed to swing again. From out of the corner, she noticed that the leader was trying to grab a hold of Ally and, most likely, use her as a hostage. In one motion, she sent another dagger flying towards him, which struck him right in the knee cap. It pierced it and he howled out in pain and staggered onto the floor. Thanks for the enchantments, Irila. In the mean time, she was parrying blows from her opponent while trying to figure out her situation. There was only one soldier left other than the leader. A quick jab suddenly made her realize that this man is not all bad. She managed to parry it but was in an awkward position, which he knew. He quickly pulled back and took a swing, which she had to jump away from. He made yet another jab towards her stomach, which she flexed around. She grabbed his hand and pushed, which sent him flying. As he passed her flying, she struck down the sword, smashing him down into the floor, impaled on the sword. Strange magics. She quickly pulled out the sword and ran towards the stage. Most guests had run out while the fight was on, so it was only her, corpses, the leader and her sister. Ally had picked up the leader’s sword as he was groaning about his leg, trying to pull the dagger out of his kneecap. He whimpered as he saw Ally point at him with the sword. "Don't kill me!" he screamed in agony as he tried to push away from her with a broken kneecap. Allyssa joined her sister on the stage and they looked at each other. "She is all yours, sis" Allyssa said. She nodded in reply and struck. Allyssa looked at her with an open mouth. "He ruined what was supposed to be my happiest day. They all did. They deserve to fucking die, Allyssa. They fucking do". Allyssa just stared at her while Ally looked at the corpse. She began to shake, dropped the sword, fell into Allyssa's arms and cried. In the distance, they heard rustling of armor coming closer. "Not to hurry you, sis, but I don't think we can get away from slaughtering a platoon of their soldiers." Ally looked up, "But we did nothing wrong, we just defended ourselves. Of course, they'll understand!" she sniffed. Allyssa shrugged, "I doubt it. They’ll probably hang us and I honestly don't want to do more killing if I can help it.” Ally sniffed and nodded.

They managed to get away through the backdoor before anything had happened. Thankfully, all the guests have run off and no one have been hurt but they might have been scared for life. Allyssa knew that Ally have. Her entire belief in a society with a stable foundation have been shaken. She had always known that justice only helps those with the most coins but she never have wanted to believe it. They looked at each other, as they went out of town. "I'm sorry, sis." Allyssa finally said. Ally shrugged and smiled through tears, "Maybe this just wasn't a life for me, you know? I've never felt who I am.. was with Deiko. I always felt alien to his world." Allyssa nodded and looked straight ahead. "So where to now?" she asked but an answer never arrived. None of them knew. "Do.. do you still do in magic, sis?" Ally looked at her, then a white fire grew out of her palm she held out. "Only healing. Why?", "Means we can make a living anywhere".

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