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The Small Things

When we look outside, the first thing we notice is the weather and depending on what kind of an idea you have regarding the smaller things, you will either hate it, like it or be indifferent about it.

My mother used to say that there is no such things as bad weather, just inappropiate clothing. You don't really think much about it, when you are running around on the football field, soaked to the bone and just wishing for a brief stop in the rain. But, "Oh, I can't wait until I'm old enough to feel ways about stuff" hits you and then you, like me, stare out the window like you are witnessing an adventure first hand.

Summer, autumn, winter, spring - they are all gorgeous to me, in their own small ways.

Summer, the warmth against your skin, the smell of freshly cut grass and barbecues.

Autumn, the crunch of the leaves, the beautiful colours, the refreshing rain, the gorgeous skies as cold and warmth hit.

Winter, the white snow, the warmth emininating from every house, the holidays.

Spring, beautiful colours all around.

I loved it all, even before I had someone to share it with. A good walk, while sniffing in all the distinct smells of the world, will always give just another memory to cling on to when the times are dark. I have always thought of myself of a simple man who enjoy the smaller things, who can find a smile just from standing in a puddle.

It felt silly, but when you didn't have a lot to feel happy about, you just go to the nearest and smallest victory, be it a gorgeous day or an unexpected smile.

Eventually, I would meet you. Some say a relationship is just a huge block in your wake, something to constantly think about it, for better and for worse.

I did not feel that way. You fit into my life snugly. You were suddenly part of my landscape, as I look across it from the window. And, boy, I dare say every landscape made you even more beautiful. And you felt the same way. Standing next to each other, just sniffing in, looking far, looking close and eventually turn to each other and smile. Smile because we have all this and we had each other. I could look at the prettiest flower, sniff it and then turn to you and the smile would turn to a grin, to red cheeks and your smell. You complimented everything beautiful in the world. It was great. It became perfect and suddenly there felt like there was a point to it all, other than just cheer me up when I am low. Scanning the landscape and when my eyes met yours, my heart lept.

Sharing the world with someone you really care about is something exceptional. It cannot be described but just having the mere presence of that someone right there, makes it the more important. It becomes an even better memory, because you know you'd never have the words to describe what you are seeing, but here you are.. seeing it with me with the same stupid grin I have on, when I behold beauty.

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