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Stories, where do they come from

There seems to be a common "guideline" amongst some writers that you should write what you know, which I have always absolutely hated. I doubt J. K. Rowling did this, hell, any of the big fantasy writers don't do this so why the constant push towards it? Hell, I've barely done it and I'm not half as good, I just have a damn imagination. But I suppose it comes down to them not understanding having an imagination. Friend once told me he couldn't understand how I could write about something I haven't experienced and then completely shunned everything I write for being alien and weird. Ignorance is bliss, eh.

But due to my disdain for "Write what you know", I think is why I haven't been writing much lately. I have the ideas, but not the filler just yet but I do have other stories I want to tell, but they are "what I know" to some extend. A lot of "what could have been if this and that" and stuff. That and pretty much struggling through some mental stuff.

So, I promised myself to write myself out of moods and such.

Hopefully that means more stuff coming. 🙂

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