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Ubuntu Never Going Idle

Wow, this is a vague one. I had absolutely no luck finding a fix to this other than bruteforce my head into a wall several times.

I have been setting up i3, using polybar, xautolock and other small things. Everything was working wonders, except the basic power management stuff, like blank screen.

I have been using xautolock in my i3 config file to ensure that i3lock-next would start after I have been idle for 5 minutes. Guess what never happened? It never fired off.

Having grown extremely frustrated and scrapping all manual power management and installing xfce4-power-manager, I played a bit around with the dim light on inactivity.

Having it set to 10 seconds, I could see that it dimmed then, few seconds later, undimmed it. So something was stopping my "idle". Try to Google that. I had absolutely no luck.

So, I closed everything and eventually found that the culprit was Google Chrome. Having, at this point, battling this issue for an entire workday, I just gave up on it and jumped onto Firefox instead.

So, if you have issues with xautolock not working, stop messing with xset and DPMS and look at some kind of software that is refusing to set your PC idle.

Seems to have worked for me, at least.

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