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Dear Diary – Chapter 1

13/03-2010 23:39

Dear diary!

I am not good at these things. Hello there, hi! Smile and wave, look smug and sneak away with book under arm. Oh well.

Introduction first:

Hello there, diary. I bought you because I have a lot on my head that I feel that I cannot share with other people. Don't worry, glittery book of secrets, I do not want to kill anyone! 🙂 It is nothing like that. It is something I am afraid that will make people judge me without knowing me. But, as I said! Introductions! I am 14 years old. I am Danish. Yes, why am I writing in English to you? Because it is a great way to learn a language. I am pretty formidable at the grand language of - but it doesn't hurt to keep it up. Maybe I will write in Spanish to you, when I start in the gymnasium or whatever I decide to go to? 🙂 Also. I am a girl. I am quite ordinary, really. I quite like myself, for who I am - open minded, a present to the generation as my parents tell me. I got brownish hair, kind of bordering a bit on the red side. It's a bit long but doesn't go further down than my shoulders and I usually fluff it up to make it a bit interesting looking. What else to write about.. I like school, like so few now a days. They do not like to learn, I tell you - they just want the social aspects of the school, which I really can't blame them. I do fairly well on my tests.

I have a rumbling thought in the back of my head. How much should I share to my diary? I read somewhere that you shouldn't write down anything you are afraid will come back and haunt you, if someone figured it out or redefine who you are when you are dead. But if I can't be sincere to my diary, then who can I be to? I have just decided to be 100 percent truthful to you, dear diary. Oh, glittery. I suppose the first chapter in any book is good for introductions. I have introduced me. My name is not important, but it is a great name, one I will never depart of!

My (closest) friends!:

Susan - My best friend since I started in school. We have been through a lot of things as giggling girls. She is my girl in arms, you could say - together we make a lot of trouble, without it being proper trouble. She is blonde, does not care very much about school - usually just texts with the boys on her mobile phone (Do you really say cellphone in English?). She shares a bit too much information with me about them, apparently she have kissed at least 10 guys! But who am I to gossip to a diary. She is my friend for life, though. I suppose I am the good side and she is the bad side, the yin to your yang and all that funny stuff. I call her Sus and I am the only one who is allowed to do that, she says. Others she will beat. She is too small to beat anyone but there you go. 🙂

Malene - Kind of an outsider girl, if you can be allowed to say that. Very quiet, but we brought her into our clique. She got such a great smile, when she finally moves that immovable mouth of hers. She is a closed book, but it feels great when she starts talking. I know she likes to hang out with us, because she comes around without us asking. I like having her there, she is kind of a calm object in the mist of chaos, you know? She got brown hair, like it matters. She is a bit tall and a bit chubby, but she looks great even though of that. I've seen the guys glare a bit at her, maybe because she is developing fast but also because she is such a mystery! She is very quiet in class but does all her homework. She knows a lot of stuff, as well! Come to think of it, I have never been in her house. I don't know a lot about her, at all and I have known her since kindergarten. Is that a bad thing?

These are the most important girls in my life at the moment. I will explain more, if they come into it! But it's saturday and nothing is going on! Might as well go to bed. Night, diary.

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