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Dear Diary – Chapter 4

15/03-2010 22:03

Dear diary,

Remember last time, me and Sus were talking about her having the hots for a guy? Well, I just received a rather interesting text message. Apparently after our chat, she decided that it was better to just be direct instead of playing all of those tip-toe games. I, mentally, applauded her for it and thought about how great it would be, if everyone was more direct. It certainly would help my situation. She, also, finally said who it was. Martin, a guy who is in the same class as us - he actually sit right next to Sus so this will either make or break the relationship. From the text message, it sounds like it made a relationship. After she had walked me home, she apparently went around to his house and asked to talk to him. They went for a walk, she said she is interested in him. He said that he thought he had felt the signals but was unable to act on them, as she found her quite intimidating. Quite cute, if you ask me. Apparently they kissed a bit and she is just one big smiley face. Awesome to hear. I kind of envy her happiness. She must have truly felt accepted after that kiss. I know it tingled on mine, when I read it.

Something interesting happened at school, by the way. I didn't mention it earlier, since I just recalled it. It was Malene. She came over to me and said I looked troubled. I smiled to her and shrugged it off, said it was just the stress of school-work and trying to keep your chin up constantly. She smiled at me, what a great smile, and I couldn't help but give her a hug and say thank you for it, though. She seemed rather surprised, but kept smiling. It must have taken her a lot of courage to grab me while alone and ask me such a serious, personal question. I told her she could come to me, if there was anything troubling her - obviously. Maybe I can help her? Help her how, though - I don't know. Maybe she is happy being who she is.

I better go get the last bit of homework done. 'till next time, dear diary.

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