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Dear Diary – Chapter 5

16/03-2010 18:32

Dear diary,

Sus wasn't at school today, which seems strange because she have never had the guts to ditch school. Maybe her new boyfriend finally gave her the "courage" that such a feat would take. She haven't responded to any text messages either and she isn't online on facebook or messenger. I am not worrying, it is just so very unlike her. I am sure that she got a good reason, however.

I hung out with Malene today. After yesterday, she feels a bit more social than before. It might be the sun and spring coming, but it is really suiting her. I really like her, when she is like this. She kept me from not thinking too much about Sus absence. As we left school, she asked me if I could help her and asked me to go to her place. She was alone at home and we sat in her room for a bit, just chatting. I told her about Sus and Martin and she said that, that was probably the reason she wasn't at school today. Kissing and making out and all that. I could feel that we were both inexperienced in that matter, but we just hung out. Then as I had completely forgotten that she wanted my help with something, she blurts it out. She wants to loose weight and have noticed that I keep my body in good shape. I blushed and thanked her for the compliment. In a silly moment, I strut my ass out at her and she giggled. It was cute, plus it gave me more time with that smile. I asked her to come join me for my daily run around town. She said she would, if I would promise to go gentle on her. She then said she didn't really have any training clothes short of some shorts, which it is just too cold for. So we went downtown and found her a few cheap pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts. I said it might be a good idea for her to get some proper shoes as well, it truly makes a big difference. I must have sounded like a sales person, because she was a bit hesitant to take me up on that. She might try and ask her mother for some, though.

We played a bit more around, as girls do. After I left, I wondered if I should pop by Sus to see what is going on. I decided against it and walked home. Here I am, ready to hit the shower after my run. Tomorrow I am going to take Malene running for the first time - she probably isn't in very good shape but I shall be gentle, as I promised.

Goodbye for now, diary.

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