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Dear Diary – Chapter 6

17/03-2010 01:23

Dear diary,

I just got woken up from a text message from both Malene and Sus - 10 minutes apart. Apparently Sus got into some problems with her parents after she had told that she got a boyfriend. Apparently her dad, a dedicated Catholic, decided that the best thing is to attempt to keep her away from guys until she is 18, 21 or married. This is the first time I have ever heard that her family's religion is an issue on her social life. Sus doesn't buy into religion but goes along with her parents to church and such. Must be sad to be forced into a religion instead of having to choose for yourself. She is currently grounded and is being home-tutored. How they managed to do that, I have no idea - and I find it to be a bit extreme. She asked me to skip school tomorrow so we can hang out while her parents are at work. The tutoring doesn't start before next week.. I didn't have the guts to ask about Martin but I said I will ditch school for her. She wrote back "Yay". Wonder how I will go around it with my parents, maybe just tell the truth? They are gone before I leave for school anyway.

Malene wrote to me as well and said she had purchased some decent running shoes. I look forward to hanging more out with her outside of school. She seems like a genuine friend, you know - one that values friendship more over social status, which Sus might be. I asked Sus if I should ask Malene to come around but she said no.

The more I think about it, the more Sus' dad's actions pisses me off, sorry for the harsh use of words. I know that her mother just backs her husband up, but it must be amazingly hard on Sus, an adventurous spirit, to be confined to her own home. I wonder if he can come to see reason somehow? I truly doubt it, having met the guy. He preaches religious values, so it is best to just avoid him all-together.

Suppose I will get a few hours more worth of sleep. Good night, diary.

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