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Dear Diary – Chapter 7

17/03-2010 22:06

Dear diary,

I ended up telling my mother about skipping school and what happened to Sus. She completely understand, which I don't find very surprising at all. She have always told me that it is better to maintain a social friendship than just ignore it. Plus, she said one "sick" day wouldn't matter too much and that she would cover up for me. Thanks, mom!

Sus texted me when the coast was clear. As soon as I got there, she said we should go out. She have spent too long in the house and needed some fresh air. I couldn't really argue against that, so we went downtown and sat around, till the shops would open up. She told me everything that had happened. She had kissed and held hands with Martin, then went home with a big smile and looking cheerful. She did the bad thing and shared it with her mother, who immediately told her father. Things was tossed, tears was cried, doors was slammed and her dad spent all of yesterday making sure she could be tutored and didn't have to leave the house at all. They figured all of her friends would stay in school so she couldn't see them while they were at work. It's been a couple of tough days for her and all I felt I could do was listen to her and be her friend. I have no idea if I helped much, other than to keep her social sanity. After she had told her story, I could feel that she loosened a bit up. Her dad had also taken her phone this morning, so he had no idea how to contact Martin. I borrowed her my phone, but she couldn't remember his phone number. I, sadly, didn't have it. She texted around for it, finally received it and explained everything to him. All he got out of him was "Okay". Great.

Somehow I think, Martin was the thing furthest from her mind, though.

I told her about Malene and she smiled at that, said it's great that she is opening up to one of us. She said she'd love to come but yeah, she cannot. I hugged her and she happily accepted it. I felt her shiver a bit. She wasn't okay by any means. I could feel that but she is too proud to admit it. All she has shown me is an anger towards her dad. I didn't want to pry or anything but I felt disheartened seeing this strong girl being torn to shreds by a backwards dad. She kept repeating "Just 4 more years and I'm gone". 4 more years of hell could scar everyone for life so I really crossed my fingers that her dad would fall down to reality soon.

We ran home when we realized what the time was and she barely got the door closed, before I heard her mother's car. She got out and asked me what I was doing here. I lied and said I just came around to see how Sus was doing. Her mother shrugged me off and told me it was none of my business and pushed me to the side as she walked past me. I have no idea what her problem is.

I quickly went home and changed to my running outfit, texted Malene if she was ready and went to her house. She stood there in her newly purchased and some very white sneakers. She looked really cute, in an out-of-place way, as she stood outside her house, waiting for me. She smiled as I came around. That smile. I told her the basics, I will run slowly, try to push yourself until you cannot run anymore, tell me when you are out of breath, no breaks but just reduce speed, breath properly. She just nodded, smiled and said thank you again, for doing this. Of course I would help a friend out.

We ran for like 2 hours. Time goes a hell of a lot faster when you run with someone, especially if it's good company. We didn't run fast today, so we could just talk together. I decided to tell her what had happened to Sus and she responded exactly the same way I did. Anger towards Sus' father. I nodded and told her she shouldn't tell Sus that she knows. I think she is a bit vulnerable about it at the moment and won't share it with many people.

We ran home to her and we rested for a bit in her bedroom. She dropped her clothes and she didn't have such a bad body at all. She just had a tendency to overdress and make her look a bit too chubby. She is pretty, in her own way. We chit-chatted, but then she broke it to me. She also had a crush on Martin but never acted on it, because she is shy. She didn't really ask for advice or anything, she just needed to share it with someone. She is holding up okay, considering. It's just a teenage crush, as she said. I got up and gave her a hug. It didn't occur to me for at least a few seconds, that she was practically naked. I did it purely by instinct, figuring she could use one. I said I was sorry, I didn't think. She said it was okay. We were both blushing deep red. It was very awkward and I said it was best to go home and grab a shower.

I ran home, still embarrassed. It probably meant nothing but I felt I crossed a couple of boundaries. Her's and mine. As I got home, she texted me, asking about tomorrow and that she had fun. I replied, "likewise".

If that awkward moment didn't happen, I would probably have told her. Told her, that I believe I am a lesbian..

Bye, diary.

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