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Dear Diary – Chapter 8

18/03-2010 01:21

Dear Diary,

Been unable to sleep. I think I left a lot of things unsaid in the previous entry, after having read the last 7 entries back. It is a .. heavy thing I said, without explaining it.

I have to apologize for that, but it felt amazing to finally use those words. I am gay, I am lesbian. At least, I think I am. Yes, I have read everything about it, yes I know that most teenagers will question their sexuality. I have spend long nights searching for information online and I always come to the same conclusion. I am just physically attracted to girls. It sounds so simple, yet it isn't. I have no attraction towards guys. I simply don't know how else to explain it.

I will leave it at that. I won't tell anyone, now that I have at least gotten it a bit further than in my own mind. It helps a lot. I feel rejuvenated. I feel refreshed. But how can a popular girl, like me, be gay? How will I tell my parents? How will I do anything. This will change everything.

I don't know what to do.

Good night, diary.

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