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Dear Diary – Chapter 9

19/03-2010 02:28

Dear diary,

Well, this week I have been unable to sleep much at all. Wake up at weird hours, with my thoughts racing all over. I had a headache from thinking too much today, mainly because I kind of still felt a bit awkward about what happened yesterday with Malene. She didn't seem to care at all, she even seemed happier and more open to me. It was great. Glad that I was worried for nothing. She said she was achy from yesterday but felt very refreshed, she even dressed a bit different, more colorful. It's like she is reborn. I asked her on it and she just said she felt like it. I said I liked it, she smiled, I smiled back. Thanked me and gave me a hug. She also told me not to think about yesterday's "embarrassment", as she put it. I blushed a bit, thinking back on it.

My plan to tell her have kind of gone awry, mainly because she was changing so fast, just because she opened up a bit and we started running. I was happy for her, of course.

Dear diary,

It would seem I fell asleep in the middle of updating you. I apologize for that but will now continue my tale from yesterday.

Malene was being magnificent, she even was active in class, answering questions and contributing to the discussion. As I said, reborn. I even saw that some of the guys left their eyes on her a bit longer, but that might just be me. I pulled her to the side and asked how it was going with Martin and she just shrugged it off and said the same thing as before; she is over it. No one on her radar. I told her that I had noticed the guys looking a bit more and she smiled and said she felt it, too.

I haven't heard from Sus at all. She doesn't really have her phone or anything. I am thinking about writing her a letter, just so she can keep up to date. I doubt she got any kind of internet access at all, so that is probably the best bet. Unless her parents stops the letter before it reaches Sus. I have been thinking, and talking a bit with my mother about it, that it might be a good idea to tell the school what is going on. Maybe they can set things in motion, like contact the parents and show them, that what they are doing, is wrong. My mother said it was wishful thinking - they might just be watched by the county, but since they aren't violent against her, there is hardly any proof that she is being held against her own will.

I have started writing on the letter to Sus, but was interrupted in the middle because of the anger that started to grow in me, the resentment against her parents. I then started writing another letter, to the school, about what is going on. I just need it written down, to get it out of my system. I will tell Sus about it in the letter, so I could hear from her, if it's a good idea or not.

Time to go running with Malene again. Yesterday went well, we didn't chat as much but mostly focused on pushing ourselves. This time around, we hung out at my place and instead of her getting semi-naked, I did, while changing clothes. It kind of balanced the awkwardness a bit and made me feel better. I think she felt better about it, too. We ran at a steady speed and she only asked me for a pause once. I know she was pushing herself a lot, but it was amazing to look at. She is really determined to go all the way with this.

Goodbye diary, for now.

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