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Dear Diary – Chapter 13

13/04-2010 17:36

Dear diary,

I apologize about the long delay - things have been busy and then not really. The easter vacation was spent at my grandmothers where I aaaaaaaate so much! It was a traditional Danish easter lunch which I love - had a few drinks as well, but I mostly drank sodas. She lives far away so it was pretty much the entire Easter gone right there, even though we only stayed around for one day. While there, I kind of scribbled down what I wanted to write to the school, just in case that Sus did respond with a big yes. I asked my mother about it, who said it sounded great and that she was positive that this will be for the best for Sus. I wrote the rest on the way back home and was hoping for a letter back from Sus - but nothing. My mind went into a bit of a paranoid mode there, thinking what would happen if the parents got a hold of the letter first. I had pretty much just outed her to them, saying she have been outside the house, at a party and that we intend to go against their decision. I started hating myself a bit but forced myself not to think too much into it - it was tough.

My birthday was the 4th of April, which means I am now 15! Yay! In Denmark, that means it is now legal for me to.. have sex. One more year and I can buy booze. The day was spent eating (Easter) - where I also received a few gifts. Nothing interesting, just money and some gift cards for some shops. I was contemplating trying to have a party - just to try it out but I decided against it. I just don't know enough about it and I won't have the space for it. It's still too cold outside. I was thinking about maybe having Malene and Sus over - even her parents won't have the heart to deny her to attend a good friend's birthday party. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

The short week, in school, went with pretty much nothing. The sun have finally come out after a very dark winter and we pretty much embraced it. When Malene and I went running, we just stopped and enjoyed it. We went a different route than normal and just talked instead of running. It's been a good 2 months since she started running and it is really visible on her. Not just from the change in her personality but also physically. I complimented her on it and she agreed and said she felt a lot better than she have ever done. I told her that I was thinking about having a party, but just for a few people like her and Sus. She turned it around and said we could have a birthday weekend. Just us girls, maybe some drinks, shopping, trips to the cinema and such. I liked the idea, but I wouldn't be able to do it this weekend, because I promised my mother to help her out at home with some spring cleaning. She nodded. Rest of the week was pretty much the same, nothing worth writing about.

I thought a bit about Sus and the fact I still haven't received a letter - so today I tried calling their house and hopefully get a hold of Sus instead of her parents. Didn't work, I got a hold of her mother who I asked if I could talk to Sus. She hung up. I think it is pretty certain that they have read my letter.

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