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Dear Diary – Chapter 18

09/05-2010 15:33

Dear diary,

I just returned from Sus' funeral. It was a nightmare. A nightmare that has just begun. During the entire ceremony, Sus' parents sat there with a stone cold face, as if it wasn't even their daughter. Thankfully, the catholic priest did a great job, reminding us all just how great a person Sus was - what she have added to our life and that it was sad that she felt she must depart so early. Despite crying the entire ceremony, my eyes were focused on Sus' parents, who I blamed for her death. The only reason I can probably write this, is because I might destroy something if I do not. I have to vent and also because I received something, which I think Sus' father did not want me to see.

Sus' mother came over to me after the ceremony and handed me an envelope. She had tears in her eyes and told me, that she had to respect Sus' last wish and that she just wanted the best for her daughter. The envelope had been opened, so I assume that she have read it. The envelope contains her suicide letter. One specifically written to me. I will attempt to translate it the best I can, dear diary. It will not be now, however. Some other day.

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