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Far Away (Short Story)

Far Away (A Requested Story)

Sophie have always been a good dog. She stayed put when her owner told her to do so. Even when he got into the car and drove off. Sophie just wagged her tail happily and lied down next to the road, resting her head on her paws. The windy autumn was slowly setting in. The sun was setting as the first rain came. Sophie had not moved an inch until she began to quiver from the cold rain, soaking her fur. Normally she liked the rain, especially puddles - but the wind just went directly to her aging bones. Sophie was becoming an old dog, one that have been living with his owner and his family since she was a little puppy. A favorite of the family's son, she often was played with and was taken on long trips, where she could run in the grassy fields. She always watched over him and she was often rewarded with hugs and affection, some times even a treat. Sophie was not too unfamiliar with the surrounding areas but she knew she had to wait for her owner. She sniffed the air, got up and located a dry spot underneath a big pinetree. She sat down and awaited the return of her owner.

After a couple of hours, the rain finally stopped. The wind was gaining in strength and Sophie's wagging have ceased. She kept looking at every car that passed but none looked like the one she have come to know. None smelled the same way, she have come to expect. She had not seen the son for a long time, at least a week or two. Maybe even more. She missed her daily walk with someone who did not mind her running around and she missed the affection. The son was not very old when they got Sophie as a small golden retriever puppy but he had grown, yet the affection for the old dog had not changed. She would always be there when he came back from school, friends, parties or work. Waiting by the door until he came around and as soon as she saw him, her tail started wagging and she jumped up and licked his face. It went like that for many years, until she started getting a little bit ill. It cost much and she suddenly did not seem so appreciated by the rest of the family. The son, however, always was there to help her or to give her a pat or give her food. She sensed the sudden hostility from the rest of the family and avoided them as much as possible - mostly spending time in the son's room. He did not come home for a very long time. Suddenly, her owner put her on a leash and took Sophie out to the car.

Sophie shook herself and sat down again, peeking out. It was slowly becoming dusk and Sophie stayed put. She did not have anywhere else to go. Suddenly, she heard a familiar sound, a car was coming. One she have come to know and like, as it come up through the driveway. One that sets her tail wagging. Her tail was wagging and she could not sit still. Suddenly she heard his voice crying out her name and she ran for it. She ran, like she have never done before.

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