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750 Words Stories – Meet Richard

Enter a pub in Southern London, where we meet a guy we shall call Richard, who is a 26 year old engineer. As you may have noticed, he keeps checking his phone and looking towards the door with a sad expression on his face. He had bought 2 drinks, 1 beer and 1 cider. The beer is almost empty, which suggests he has been here for awhile. The cider is untouched, sitting at the opposite end of the table and is a sad picture of a missing companion. Every few minutes, Richard sighs and looks down into his beer or checks his phone for a bit longer than normal. He is obviously distressed about being in this situation and occasionally glances around the pub for anyone staring at him. When he spots them, they turn away with a head shake and a nod to a friend. They all realize why he is here and what has happened. Richard have been stood up, once again.

To understand the predicament, we must go into Richard's memories for a bit. Richard is what people would call a "genuinely friendly guy", a good friend and a people pleaser. At this exact moment, he is waiting for a special lady friend, who he holds very dear. Problem is, she doesn't feel the same way and is, unfortunately, manipulating Richard a fair bit to get things done for her. Every time she contacts him, it is to do a favour for her, such as; putting up a shelf, help move the furniture, cheer her up if she is down, be her personal chauffeur and generally help her out - just to name a few episodes. Richard doesn't ask for anything in return, but the last 3 favours, spanned over 6 months, he has asked her to come out for a drink. Every time she have agreed to it and every time she stood him up. Richard really thought that this time was going to be different, as she assured him that she will come this time and that she had emergencies the other times. You see, Richard doesn't believe that there is a dark side to people. He genuinely believes that everything he is told, within reason, is true and don't see why people would lie to him. He never gets angry, but as you can see, he is starting to get a bit annoyed as he slowly realizes that she isn't coming. He knew that she wouldn't respond on her phone, like the other times, so he just sent her a disappointed text message and ordered another beer, while he started on the cider.

But, there is a hero to this story. A heroine, if you will. After Richard's third beer, a girl left her friends' table, despite their attempts to talking her out of it, and came over to him. Playing with his phone and drinking as quickly as he could, Richard barely noticed her arrive before she spoke. "I couldn't help but notice you've been stood up. Are you alright? Want to talk for a bit?" At this point, Richard was sure she was going to mock him but his positive side said she might actually be sincere and l her sit down. They chatted for awhile, Richard explaining the situation and the girl consoled him about it and just listened. Soon, they started chatting and Richard felt great, better than he had for a long time. They chatted for hours and eventually they shared phone number and both left with a smile. They have both found a new friend, one who is just like themselves, caring and friendly.

Weeks later, they've been on several dates together and decided that they were incompatible. They are still best friends, however. Richard have forgotten everything about his other manipulative friend, when he finally realized what she was doing to him. Through the newly met friend, he learned a lot about himself and set out to better himself in any way possible. Who knows, they might end up together. As long as they are both direct about their feelings and thoughts, what bad could happen? What you can learn from this is to take a chance, be direct, don't manipulate people, don't be selfish, don't allow yourself to be used, keep your chin up, think outside the box and learn to put a new perspective on everything. It will make your life different and, if you are willing, make yourself a better person.

Think about it and keep on smiling.

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