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750 Words and Three Words Challenge: Hurt, Relief, Disappointment

She stared at her mobile again. Then put it on the table, looked away for a second, then picked it up again. Battery level was fine, reception was good.. but it might drop, might be better to go outside. She shrugged, sighing to herself and putting it back down. This has been her daily ritual for the last couple of days, her life centred on this fucking phone just because of being uncertain about something. Other than crying, of course - which she have done plenty of. TVs been off for the last 2 weeks, batteries was taken out of the remote and thrown away. She wanted to be cut away from the world as much as possible, just waiting for that call.

She rummaged around in the kitchen, trying to find something worthwhile eating. She wasn't really hungry, but she knew she had to eat. Wait, was that the phone? She stopped rummaging for a minute, listening intently, sighing, then going in to check on the phone. No calls. No texts. No nothing. She went back to the kitchen, found some dry biscuits and ate one with disgust. It felt like she might vomit, just by the mere touch of food to her lips. She had already vomited several times, from nervousness, she told herself.

She had zoned out. She checked the clock. Must have zoned out for a couple of hours. She reached for the phone, still sitting on the table, charger firmly in. Nothing. It was dark outside now. Her head was spinning and she could barely get on her legs and she, for the first time in quite awhile, felt hungry. She contemplated using the phone to call for a pizza, but they might call when the line is busy. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" She yelled. That startled the dog upstairs, which started barking. Angry footsteps ran across the floorboards upstairs. The sign of some life around here made her feel a bit better, a bit more protected. From what? There is nothing worry about, Susan. She looked in the kitchen again, sure she must have some weird food hiding away. Nothing still.

She was racing back and forth. Why did he have to do it? He knows I love him, so why did he need to fucking do this? Why. Fucking why. It's his own fucking fault, I shouldn't be this messed up from his actions, he justified for me countless times! She clenched her fists and felt like smashing everything she had in the apartment but sank down on a chair, all her energy gone, sobbing quietly.

Ever since Susan had heard the news, she had been a mess. She had mailed in sick to work for days now, she wasn't even sure it was the weekend. She just did it automatically, in the morning. She couldn't be around anyone. There had been an attack on her boyfriend's base. The last bit of information she had received from the TV, before she had decided to shut it all off, was that there was still no contact from them. She broke down - simply snapped - when she heard it. She had panicked, hyperventilated and passed out. She had told him countless times not to go. But he felt he owed it to the country, owed it to freedom. How can a girl deny that for selfish reasons without looking like a selfish bitch? You cannot, was Susan's conclusion.

She had tried calling the military on a special number she had received. They usually had more information than the media but they would contact her as soon as they knew anything. They still haven't. She looked at the calendar. 6 days since the attack. She unplugged the phone and fell down in the couch. She felt like she had to get out. Everything here reminded her of him but there was nowhere to go, especially since she wanted to be alone. She felt a vibration in her hand but shrugged it off. She had felt a bit feverish lately and had been twitching uncontrollably. When it didn't stop, she looked at her hand. The phone was vibrating. From an unknown number. Shaking hands, she picked it up, unable to even whimper a greeting or her own name, the words were simply stuck in her throat. "Hi, it's me." was all he said. She broke down in tears and a huge wave of relief flooded over here.

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