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750 Words and Three Words Challenge: Vengeance for a Crime – Robotic – Priest

The first thing they teach you as a priest is to forgive. Forgiveness. To forgive everyone who wants to repent, who wants to shred them of their sins. At least, that's the Christian faith. When something bad happens, it is "God works in mysterious ways.", when one of their own is hurt, it's all part of God's divine plan. I was hurt. I am a priest. They told me just that and I got pissed. They told me to consult the book of the Lord to get rid of my anger. I tried. It helped for a bit. I found solace in a book. Heh, it sounds so petty when I say it out loud. Yet, there is so much anger in God's divine plan. God's anger. Why is he allowed when I am not? Weren't we created in his image? It didn't make much sense. It never made sense, but I just accepted it.

When the guy who hurt me, made me into what I am, got off in the court. Insufficient evidence that he was there at the time. I became angry. No, I became beyond angry. I was filled with rage. I held myself together in the court, but the way he stared at me as the judge said that the case was dismissed made my Christian heart rotten. My arm twitched. My robotic arm, which he had indirectly given to me, twitched so hard that I couldn't control it. It pulled in every remaining muscle in my entire body and I couldn't stop it. I panicked and fell over in the court in a yell of rage and panic.

The doctors told me that they honestly had no idea what would trigger such a thing and shrugged it off as nerves being triggered by the anger. To change the subject, one of them asked me when I would come back to the church. I recognized him, little Stanley, all grown up now. Imagine, he believes every bit of bullshit that book had said. He still attended before my injury. To calm him, I said soon but that was a fat lie. My first lie I can ever remember. It felt.. satisfying.

Ever since the surgery, that "saved my life", I had looked at myself in the mirror naked. The cold metallic arms, the metallic leg stared back at me. I had done my best to cover them up when out in public, but they felt so alien to me. They felt just like arms, everything I did worked the way it should but this isn't what I wanted. I didn't want to get hurt. Why did he hurt me? Why did he get let go? Evidence? I saw everything, isn't that enough?! I FELT EVERYTHING! The noise of the saw against my bones still runs through my head. I still wake up in sweat every night. His insane voice, whispering that he enjoys destroying something so pure booming in my ears. He was let lose and it could happen again, another priest could get hurt - fuck, even a child. I stunned myself. I had never cursed before, not even in my mind. I destroyed the mirror in disgust.

I honestly don't remember when I started laying the plans. I think it was mostly done in a haze and when I woke up, I had everything I needed right in front of me. I was in front of his apartment and knew he wouldn't be home for at least an hour. That cop was especially helpful after I slipped a few Benjamins and he jabbed away for a good 10 minutes about just about everything related to the case. I don't think he recognized me or he simply didn't care, or fuck, even wanted me to utilize my own sense of personal judgement upon him.

His door was unlocked, as the cop said. The apartment was dirty as hell, no sane person could live here. I was disgusted just being in the room and thought about abandoning the plan but then I heard him. He was right outside the door, breathing heavily. Flashbacks of the incident flashed through my brain and suddenly I held him high in the air, my robotic arms around his throat and my blood boiling. How could such scum be allowed to live on God's Earth, the sanity questioned my insanity. He couldn't breath at all. I could feel his windpipe was almost broke underneath my thumbs. In a surge of red anger, I crushed his neck and threw him out of the window. My red and grey world turned white instantly. It was beautiful.

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