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He Films the Clouds

Inspired by this track:

He films the clouds. Some might find this odd or otherwise pointless. Some will shun him from thinking it is art, others will find other ways to ridicule this man, who'd much rather film the nature than do something productive with his time. None ever took the time to stop and reflect upon what he was doing, no one took the time to just look upwards. Upwards to clouds and the sky beyond them. Upwards to the stars currently unable to be seen through the marvel that is the sun. Upwards and towards the planets that move across the sky, out towards galaxies, the universe, the infinity that is beyond.

It wasn't until I stood behind him, eyeing him as he was filming. He said just a sentence to me, with a quirky smile "Experience the endlessness". I leaned back, my mind disappeared and I was floating in space, enjoying the beauty of the universe, realizing that I am just the smallest amount of dust in an ever expanding universe.

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